Workshop convened by the Empirical Legal Studies Discussion Group (Oxford University) in collaboration with the Institute for Work and Employment (FAA-HSG, University of St. Gallen) and the Maastricht Law and Tech Lab (Maastricht University)

This small-scale event aims to kickstart an interdisciplinary debate on decentralization interpreted in two ways: (i) the decentralization of accessibility; and (ii) the decentralization of Internet services as proposed by cryptonetworks, which use consensus mechanisms and cryptocurrencies for maintenance and incentives. These interpretations take decentralization to be a central theme for the development of the Internet. The workshop will focus on different contributions that identify potential legal wrongs arising out of decentralization, with the goal of exploring old and new remedies (both substantive and procedural) that could correct them, while emphasizing the role of technology in delivering these potential remedies.



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Based on an initial theme exploration by 

Catalina Goanta (Maastricht University), Andres Guadamuz (University of Sussex), Felix Pflücke (Oxford University), and Isabelle Wildhaber (University of St. Gallen) 


Nikita Aggarwal (Oxford University)

Anna Beckers (Maastricht University)

Gijs van Dijck (Maastricht University)

Isabel Ebert (University of St. Gallen)

Catalina Goanta (Maastricht University) 

Mireille Hildebrandt (VUB/Radboud University) 

Daithi Mac Sithigh (Queen's University Belfast) 

Gina Neff (Oxford University) 

Felix Pflücke (Oxford University)

Jeremias Prassl (Oxford University)

Sofia Ranchordas (University of Groningen) 

Mathias Siems (Durham University/EUI) 

Sandra Wachter (Oxford University) 

Isabelle Wildhaber (University of St. Gallen) 

Jan Zglinski (Oxford University)