It is widely held that moral responsibility requires control. But what exactly does control consist of and is it really essential for moral responsibility after all? This workshop aims to elucidate the relation between moral responsibility, blame, and control.

This workshop is organised by Maximilian Kiener (Queen's College, Oxford), a post-doc fellow of the Roots of Responsibility ERC project.

Further information about the workshop, including the schedule, the titles and abstracts of the presentations, is available at:

Schedule (all times in UK time)
Thursday 3 June

15.45–16.00: Welcome

16.00–17.30: David Enoch (Jerusalem) - Autonomy as Non-Alienation, Autonomy as Sovereignty, and Politics
Comments: Victor Tadros (Warwick)

18.00–19.30: David Shoemaker (Tulane) - Empathic Control?
Comments: Leonhard Menges (Salzburg)

Friday 4 June

16.00–17.30: Antony Duff (Stirling) - How Strict Can Moral Responsibility Be?
Comments: Mark Coeckelbergh (Vienna)

18.00–19.30: Karen Yeung (Birmingham) & Timothy Endicott (Oxford) - The Death of Law? Computationally Personalised Norms and the Rule of Law
Comments: Claire Field (Stirling)

Saturday 5 June

16.00–17.30: Maximilian Kiener (Queen's, Oxford) - Taking Responsibility and Strict Moral Answerability
Comments: Susan Wolf (UNC Chapel Hill)

18.00–19.30: Elinor Mason (UC Santa Barbara) - Apology as Taking the Blame
Comments: Kirstine la Cour (UCL)