We are joined by Eleonor Duhs and Indira Rao, who will talk to us about 'Retained EU Law', a new concept in UK law. The European Union (Withdrawal) Act 2018 created retained EU Law to make sure there was a functioning statute book after EU law ceased to apply in the UK. Eleonor and Indira not only helped shape the concept of Retained EU Law when negotiating on behalf of the British government, but are also the authors of the leading book on it.


Anyone interested in UK Law generally (because retained EU law is everywhere!) as well as anyone who is interested in what really happens once a Member State decides to leave the EU should enjoy this presentation.


The seminar will be held next Wednesday, 17 November, from 1-2pm UK time. Please join us at Brasenose College in the Platnauer Room from 12.30 for a light lunch.


If you cannot attend in person, then you can register via the following link to get an invite for the Teams meeting: https://forms.office.com/r/VYnqf2ViyH


But if you are in Oxford, do please come in person - it would be great to see you! There is no need to register if you are coming in person.