Controversies abound around respect for the rule of law within EU member states including whether the EU should be involved and if it should, on the basis of what authority and through what procedures. The workshop will be a conversation between prominent representatives from key European institutions and leading academics in this field. The objective is to bridge the worlds of practice and academia in order to consider how best to protect and promote the rule of law as a fundamental European value while at the same time respecting member states political autonomy. 

This workshop is a result of an interdepartmental collaboration between the Oxford Law Faculty, the Department of Politics & International Relations and the European Studies Centre at St Antony’s College (the Project on European Law and International Relations). It also benefits from financial support provided by the University of Copenhagen and by Middlesex University. Our aim is to bring together scholars engaged in EU-related research across these Universities and many others and stimulate an interdisciplinary conversation on the topical issues of Europe.