Career changer, game changer

‘Re-Start’ is a one-day structured programme for people looking to change careers, which will inform and educate you on the pathway to law, what firms look for in candidates and how you can harness all those transferable skills into those of a city lawyer.

Re-Start is taking place on 18 December 2017.

*Please note, you are only eligible for our Re-Start programme if you have previously commenced in a full time role in a different industry to law. 

We start by looking at you

When you apply for Re-Start, we’ll be looking for five key things:

  1. Your academic performance to date

  2. Your work experience to date

  3. Your interest in and motivation for a legal career

  4. What you would like to achieve from the programme

  5. Why you are interested in Shearman & Sterling


Applications will be accepted until 01 December 2017.

Apply now

(applications open on 1 September 2017)