Notes and Changes

The seminars all begin at 11.00 – 12.30 so please arrive about 10 minutes before the start of the seminar to enable it to begin promptly. Go to Main reception and ask for Pauline Simpson who will take you to the seminar room.

Professor Mick Moore, Chief Executive of the International Centre of Tax and Development will be giving a seminar based around his book ‘Taxing Africa’ which he co-authored with Wilson Prichard. The book offers a cutting-edge analysis on all aspects of the continent’s tax regime, displaying the crucial role such arrangements have on attempts to create social justice and push economic advancement. From tax evasion by multinational corporations and African elites to how ordinary people navigate complex webs of ‘informal’ local taxation, the book examines the potential for reform, and how space might be created for enabling locally-led strategies.

Professor Moore is a political economist. He has done extensive field research in Asia and Africa, especially Sri Lanka, Taiwan and India. He has taught at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.