at Gray’s Inn

on Saturday the 15th of October, from 11am to 7pm


This is a unique opportunity for students who want to become barristers. It is by application only so please see below for link to online application.


3rd or 4th year law students who are interested in pursuing a career at the Bar, and have not already joined an Inn of Court, will have an opportunity to meet and listen to what leading barristers say are the key elements of good advocacy; to participate in a facilitated case analysis; discuss ethics dilemmas, and finally, under the guidance of accredited advocacy trainers, to get on their feet and perform a bit of advocacy themselves. 

There will also be detailed talks on applying for BPTC scholarships from Gray’s Inn.

The day will end with a drinks and canapés reception in Hall hosted by judicial and barrister members of the Inn who sit and/or practise in all areas of law and at all levels.  

Our Vice Treasurer, Lady Hale of the Supreme Court, will attend the reception. 



  • An Introduction from The Treasurer, David Hunt QC.
  • A lecture on Advocacy from Mukul Chawla QC.
  • A talk on scholarships from Nathalie Lieven QC.
  • Training from leading practitioners and judges such as Mark Ellison QC, Mukul Chawla QC, Christina Michalos and many more.


Do you want to be a barrister?  Do you know what will be required of you as you pursue a career at the Bar?

Certainly you will need a strong academic record and final degree result to get into practice, but that will not be enough.  Chambers and employed organisations will be looking for proof of your motivation to become and potential to succeed as a barrister.  It is a given that certain experiences need to appear on your scholarship and pupillage applications, e.g. ADVOCACY; public speaking – mooting, debating;  mini-pupillages;  time in solicitors’ firms; court observation; voluntary legal work – FRU, PSU, to name a few. 

Once you have decided that you want to become a barrister, there is much you can and should do as early as possible to gain these experiences and more.  Coming to the Bar is challenging enough – do all you can as early as you can to put yourself in a strong position.  This is an ideal opportunity for you to do just that.

To Apply

Please complete and submit the application form located here

Application deadline is mid-day on Friday 7th October 2016.

The Inn will confirm by email that week whether your application has been successful. 


Important Details

  • The event is free of charge
  • Dependent on location and need, the Inn will contribute funding for travel.  
  • Lunch will be served and a drinks/canapés reception will follow the training day