Notes and Changes

Due to the outbreak of COVID-19, this event will be an online seminar via BenQ Online Forum. Participants can simply use laptop or smart phone to log in with a code. We will send you the code 10 minutes before the event.   Please contact the organiser if you need any help.

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Dr Xiaoshuang Luo is a visiting scholar at Swiss Institute of Comparative Law, as part of her postdoc research at China University of Political Science and Law on the program “Research on Doping in International Sports Arbitration”. And she represents the athlete SunYang (孙杨), an three-time Olympic gold medal swimmer, in the Public hearing of the case WADA vs SunYang & FINA (CAS2019/A/6148) . 


In this event, Dr Ying Yu will discuss with Dr Xiaoshuang Luo on who is responsible for the ambiguity of International Sports Regulations. The international organization who issued the international regulation is the only authority to explain the confusions. However, whether the individual athlete should be responsible for the ambiguity caused by the conflicts between the international sports regulation and the national regulation? What would be the responsibility of the international regulator who failed to give the clear explaniation of the conflict which has been causing problems for athletes?