Please join us for this event co-hosted by the Oxford VegSoc (Vegan and Vegetarian Society), during which Professor Gary L. Francione will present his new book titled 'Why Veganism Matters: The Moral Value of Animals'. In this book he argues that veganism is a moral imperative and a matter of justice. He argues that there is a contradiction in thinking that animals matter morally if one is also not vegan, and explains why this belief should logically lead all who hold it to veganism. The author seeks to dismantle the conventional wisdom that it is acceptable to use and kill animals as long as we do so "humanely". He argues that if animals matter morally, they must have the right not to be used as property. That means that we cannot eat them, wear them, use them, or otherwise treat them as resources or commodities. 

The link to the event is as follows: