Outline applications, CV, and statement from Head of Department to Sharron Pleydell-Pearce by Monday 7th March 2016.
Outcome of central panel chaired Prof Walmsley 25th March 2016.
Chosen candidate submit to Research Services 3rd May 2016.

The Leverhulme Trust has released details of a funding call for Research Leadership Awards. These awards support talented scholars who have launched a university career but who need to build a research team of sufficient scale to tackle a distinctive research problem. Applicants will have held a university post for at least 2 years, but will not yet have developed their academic career such that the trajectory of their research contribution has become firmly established. Each award will be for the sum of between £800,000 and £1 million.

Applications are restricted to one per institution. Those wishing to apply for this scheme should submit an outline bid comprising the candidate’s CV (1 page), a 2-page programme and a statement from your Head of Department forming a reference and regarding research strategy to your Divisional contact by 4pm on Monday 7 March 2016.

Bids will be ranked by the Division and presented to a central panel (chaired by the PVC for Research and Innovation) due to convene on 23rd March 2016. The outcome of this review process will be announced on 25 March 2016. The nominated applicant will then need to submit their application to Research Services by 4pm 3 May 2016 for submission to the Leverhulme Trust at 4pm on 10 May 2016. This full application should consist of a ten-page statement of the intended research, CV for the group leader, an estimated total budget (no provision for replacement teaching or for overhead expenditure, the names of two referees external to the University of Oxford, and a statement by the University of its research strategy insofar as this impacts on the group’s work and intended allocation of resource to the group.

Full details of the scheme are on the Leverhulme Trust webpages.