LNAT Markers

Deadline date: 20 October 2023, and we will operate a rolling recruitment until this date.

Professor James Goudkamp and Professor Rebecca Williams (Law Admissions Coordinators) are looking for 40+ markers to help with LNAT essay marking in the latter half of October 2023.  The work is available to members of the Faculty who are graduate research students or staff.

Markers will work with a set of marking criteria and will be given training regarding how to evaluate LNAT essays and how to use the relevant software. Training is compulsory for any marker who has not previously completed the ‘No More Marking’ training. Both training and marking are done entirely online and for the marking process itself markers can log-in and out of the system when it suits them. 

Duration and hours

The marking work is measured by marking load. Each marker will be expected to complete 12 workpackets. Each workpacket comprises 20 essay comparisons and it is expected that each workpacket will take one hour to complete. Therefore, the expected total time commitment is 12 hours, which will be spread over 6 days.* Payment will be made upon submission of an approved timesheet.

*The Faculty permits students to work 8 hours per week or a reasonable average over the year, so student applicants should take this into account if they undertake other work for the Faculty.

Start date: The training session will be held online at 12pm on Monday 16 October 2023 (via MS Teams). If you cannot attend at this time, please contact Emma White (emma.white2@law.ox.ac.uk).

Essays are expected to be available for marking on Monday 23 October at 5pm and all marking must be completed by 9am on Monday 30 October 2023. Attention is drawn to the tight turnaround time at a busy time of the academic year. It is imperative that markers have sufficient time to complete the task, as all marking must be completed by the deadline to enable the Admissions process to proceed.


Markers will report to the Law Admissions Coordinators.


  • A general understanding of the field of law is essential.
  • Good IT skills are essential.


This position is open to members of the Law Faculty who are current graduate students, stipendiary lecturers and junior research fellows, and the hours are in line with the restrictions on working hours for students. 

We would like to highlight that although it is technically possible to be both a Faculty and a College LNAT marker, marking for both the Faculty and a College is not recommended in view of the workload involved.

Rate of Pay

The work will be paid at £15.15 per hour, which equates to University Grade 5, point 1, on the basis of completed and approved timesheets, which must be submitted to payroll@law.ox.ac.uk by the last Friday of each calendar month for payment on the last working day of the following month.

In addition, paid annual leave will be assumed to be taken in the month in which it was accrued.

Timesheets must be completed in hours, markers will only be permitted to claim one hour per workpacket completed + 1 hour training.

How to Apply

Please complete this form: https://forms.office.com/e/27VG8uUwq5

The deadline to apply is 20 October 2023, and we will operate a rolling recruitment until this date.

By completing the form, you are confirming you are available for the entire period. Informal enquiries may be emailed to:  admissions.coordinator@law.ox.ac.uk


Guidelines for Faculty members, line managers and students

Work must not commence without a letter of engagement or variable hours contract and a right to work check having been carried out by the Faculty Personnel Officer.

Graduate student engagement opportunities in the Faculty of Law usually fall into one of three categories: Research AssistantGraduate Teaching Assistant; or Blog Editor

Full-time graduate students in the Faculty of Law may work up to 8 hours per week, or a common sense average across the year, regardless of the type of work.

Students may not work for their own supervisor without the approval of the Associate Dean for Graduate Students.

Any queries regarding the eligibility of a particular student should be directed to Geraldine Malloy in the Faculty Office.

It is expected that the work will be undertaken in the UK.

Deadline date:  20 October 2023, and we will operate a rolling recruitment until this date.

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