On 21 June 2011, Professor AJ Brown talked about his recent best-selling and compelling biography - Michael Kirby: Paradoxes/Principles at the MBI Al Jaber Auditorium, Corpus Christi College. Michael Kirby is arguably Australia's most famous judge and is a prominent human rights activist. Professor Brown's lecture touched on many of the central themes of the book that related to Kirby's judicial career. The lecture was followed by a discussion by a panel constituted by those who had worked with Kirby including three of his judicial assistants. The panellists included Mr James Chegwidden (formerly a BCL student at Magdalen College and now a tenant at Tooks Chambers), Mr Travers McLeod (a DPhil student in International Relations at Balliol College), Miss Jennifer Robinson (formerly a BCL and MPhil student at Balliol College and now a solicitor at Finers, Stephens and Innocent) and Dr James Goudkamp (JRF at Jesus College). The event was organised by Liz Fisher and James Goudkamp.