In January 2012, the University of Oxford (OIPRC and IECL ) in collaboration with the University of Bayreuth (Graduate School "Intellectual Property and the Public Domain") will host a two-day conference, organised by Dr Justine Pila and Professor Ansgar Ohly, on the key methodological and institutional issues affecting the development of European private law with a particular focus on Intellectual Property. The conference will take place at Jesus College, Oxford, and include presentations by 14 senior IP and EU Law Judges, practitioners and academics on seven specific topics relating to the making and impact of European IP Law: models of harmonisation, the pursuit of harmonisation, the creation of European IP courts, the impact of constitutional rights and values on IP, the impact of general EU Law on IP, the relationship between European and national courts, and European (IP) legal methodology/ies — with the aim of furthering understanding of the impact of Europeanisation on substantive law, the process of law-making in a Europeanised system, and the requirements for a truly "European" legal order. It will represent the first sustained analysis of IP as a case study in private law Europeanisation, and will have as its aims the generation of insights of relevance and application within the fields of IP and private law generally, and the consideration of the feasibility of a European legal methodology.