In September and November 2011 two workshops were held as part of the first stage in a two-year Oxford-Melbourne Partnership project undertaken by Loane Skene (University of Melbourne), Imogen Goold and Jonathan Herring (both University of Oxford) to explore how we should regulate the storage and use of human body parts and tissue. The workshops included contributions from a broad range of disciplines.  Issues covered included
• The creation and acquisition of rights over tissue
• Philosophical perspectives on the concept of property and its applicability to human tissue
• Commercialisation
• Alternative models for regulation
It is intended to use some of the papers presented in a special issue of the Journal of Medical Ethics, which the organisers (together with Kate Greasley) have been asked to edit.
The workshops were part of a project funded by the Oxford-Melbourne Research Partnership, which is part of the funding provided to Melbourne and Oxford by Allan Myers QC.