On 5-6th January 2012 an international inter-disciplinary workshop on Preventive Justice took place at All Souls College. It was attended by scholars from Denmark, Germany, Sweden, Israel, the United States and Canada. Organized by Professor Andrew Ashworth, Professor Lucia Zedner, Dr Patrick Tomlin and Dr Ambrose Lee, this was the third workshop in their three-year AHRC funded research project on Preventive Justice. This project aims to re-assess the foundations for the range of coercive measures that states now take in the name of crime prevention and public protection. The main objective of the project is to develop an account of the principles and values that should guide and limit the state’s use of preventive techniques that involve coercion.
Invited commentators presented their views on pre-circulated papers by Fred Schauer (Virginia), Klaus Guenther (Frankfurt), Matt Matravers (York), Petter Asp (Stockholm), Peter Ramsay (LSE), David Dyzenhaus (Toronto) and James Nickel (Miami) followed by responses from the authors and lively debate among the invited audience. The discussions were genuinely inter-disciplinary, spanning law, philosophy, political theory, and criminology. An edited collection of essays arising from the papers given at this workshop, as well as an earlier one held in September 2011 also at All Souls, will be published by Oxford University Press.