On the occasion of Professor Mark Freedland's retirement from his tutorial fellowship, the Faculty of Law is hosting a conference to celebrate 'Oxford Labour Law: Past, Present, Future'. The Conference will take place on Thursday 25 July 2013 until Friday 26 July 2013 at St John's College.
The conference will address three core themes in the intellectual and institutional evolution of labour law: what is labour law? Is labour law an autonomous discipline? How has the institutional landscape of labour law evolved over its lifetime? The choice of themes is timely and important. In labour law scholarship there has been an intensifying reflection upon labour law’s identity, purposes, boundaries, regulatory techniques, even its very ability to survive as a coherent discipline that is relevant to the new world of work. The three thematic questions encapsulate the most pertinent lines of enquiry in responding to modern labour law’s current state of existential crisis.
These contemporary debates operate within intellectual parameters that have been shaped to a remarkable degree by Oxford labour lawyers. The conference will bring together Oxford labour lawyers, past and current, as well as other leading experts in the field, to revisit and hopefully reshape these debates.
* This event is now fully booked. *
For more information please see the event website[linkme] or contact: Professor Anne Davies