On Tuesday 12th February Clive Stafford Smith and Paul Hamann will be visiting Wadham for a screening of Paul's film, 'Fourteen Days in May'. This award winning documentary, shot inside Death Row in Mississippi in 1987, follows the last 14 days in the life of Edward Johnson, who had been held there for eight years. It concludes with a final interview 20 minutes before his execution in the gas chamber for a murder he was later proved not to have committed.

Clive Stafford Smith, the Founder of Reprieve, was Edward Johnson's lawyer. Paul Hamann is a former Head of Documentaries at the BBC.

The screening will  take place at 8:00pm in the Moser Theatre at Wadham College and will conclude with a Q and A session, chaired by the Warden, Lord Macdonald QC. Admission is free.