The Faculty of Law was absolutely delighted to welcome His Excellency Judge Kenneth Keith of the International Court of Justice to Oxford on 1 March 2013. At a special session of the Public International Law Discussion Group Judge Keith spoke on “Judging at Home and Abroad”. In his lecture Judge Keith, who sat on a dozen different national and international tribunals during his distinguished career, compared his judicial experience at the ICJ and various national courts. He analysed the processes by which judges and counsel are chosen, the different procedural arrangements and rules, and the typical subject matter of disputes. With respect to the last point he particularly stressed the mutual influences between the various courts in developing the law. Judge Keith finally engaged in a lively discussion with the audience.
Judge Keith has been a judge of the International Court of Justice since 2006. Born in New Zealand, Judge Keith was previously, inter alia, a Judge of the New Zealand Court of Appeal and the Supreme Court of New Zealand. Prior to becoming a Judge, he worked for the New Zealand Department of External Affairs, the United Nations Office of Legal Affairs, the Victoria University of Wellington and the New Zealand Law Commission.


His Excellency Judge Kenneth Keith with Jessica Howley