The four-member University of Oxford team comprising of second year undergraduate students Rajkiran Barhey (Hertford), Jiahui Huang (Magdalen), Danny Tang (Harris Manchester) and Daryl Ho (Balliol) participated in the international rounds of the 54th Philip C. Jessup International Law Moot Court Competition held in Washington D.C. between 31 March-6 April 2013. The team progressed to the international rounds of the competition after defeating the University of Cambridge in the Grand Final of the national competition.

In the international rounds, the team came second out of 126 participating teams following the preliminary moots. However, they were eliminated by five points to four points in the first knock-out round.

Jiahui Huang and Rajkiran Barjey were both recognized in the top-25 oralists awards at the 13th and 19th positions respectively.

From Left to Right: Rajkiran Barhey (Hertford), Danny Tang (Harris Manchester), Jiahui Huang (Magdalen), Daryl Ho (Balliol),

From Left to Right: Daryl Ho (Balliol), Jiahui Huang (Magdalen),  Danny Tang (Harris Manchester), Shreya Atrey (Magdalen - coach),  Rajkiran Barhey (Hertford),