Oxford's graduates continue to command the highest regard at the Bar and the leading city firms, according to two recent surveys.
The Bar Council and the Bar Standards Board have published their second annual Bar Barometer report. The report details trends in the demographic profile of the Bar between 2007 and 2011/12. The Bar Barometer shows that 20% of those who registered pupillages in 2010/11 studied at Oxford. Cambridge graduates accounted for 14.3%.
Chambers Student have published their findings on which university successful training contract applicants come from.  They interviewed over 2,000 trainees based at 120 law firms in 2010, 2011 and 2012. The results show that graduates from Oxford secured the highest number of training contracts in top London firms. Together with their Cambridge counterparts, Oxford graduates account for nearly a quarter of those trainees surveyed in the capital.
Maureen O'Neil, Director of Development, commented: 'These results show that our graduates are thriving in the difficult competition for careers in legal services. The students bring their native ingenuity and a good work ethic to Oxford, and then the tutorial system equips them with well-focused abilities and a tougher work ethic. And we work hard as well, to support them with intelligent guidance in their career decisions.'


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