Twelve teams consisting of two members each engaged in oral argument throughout the day. The moot problem concerned an asylum claim.

After three rounds of competition, four teams progressed to the semi-finals. Anish Hazra (Pembroke) and Theo Taylor (Pembroke) on the one hand, and Yu Jie Wu (Magdalen) and Torsten Cheong (Magdalen) on the other hand, progressed to the Grand Final.

The Grand Final was judged by the Rt Hon Sir Bernard Rix who commented on the high standard of mooting, especially given the fact that all of the grand finalists were first-year lawyers. Sir Bernard indicated that he was very impressed by the mooters’ depth of legal knowledge and the skill with which they presented their arguments.

After a very close contest, Anish Hazra and Theo Taylor were declared to be the winners. They were awarded internships at Turpin & Miller, where they will undertake pro bono work over the summer.

The Law Faculty is grateful to JustCite for its sponsorship of the moot and the internships.



(l-r):James Goudkamp, Anna Kim, Yu Jie Wu, Anish Hazra, the Rt Hon Sir Bernard Rix, Theo Taylor, Torsten Cheong, Maleha Khan


(l-r): The Rt Hon Sir Bernard Rix, Torsten Cheong, Yu Jie Wu, Anish Hazra