Interviews for the Eldon Law Scholarship took place at St Hugh’s College on Saturday 4 May. The scholarship was awarded to Charlotte Thomas of Lincoln College.

The Eldon Law Scholarship is awarded by the Law Faculty each year to a person, with a first or a distinction in an Oxford undergraduate or postgraduate degree, who is about to embark on a career at the Bar. From those applying, a shortlist of candidates is drawn up to be interviewed by the Eldon Law Scholarship Committee and the award is made to the person who, in the opinion of the committee, is likely to make the best barrister.
The scholarship dates back to 1830. John Scott, the first Lord Eldon (1751–1838) studied at University College, Oxford in the late 1760s and was called to the Bar at the Middle Temple in 1776. He was Lord Chancellor between 1801 and 1806 and 1807 and 1827. On 12 May 1830, at a meeting of subscribers responding to a public advertisement, with the Duke of Richmond in the chair, it was resolved to establish an Eldon Law Scholarship at the University of Oxford which was to be ‘at once creditable to the subscribers and honourable to the Earl of Eldon’. A sum of £7,631.9s.5d was raised. The award for the 2012 scholar is £14,500 spread over two years. 
Famous Eldon Scholars included in 1834 R Palmer (Earl of Selbourne), in 1859 H Davey (Lord Davey), in 1921 AT Denning (Lord Denning) and in 1930 RO Wilberforce (Lord Wilberforce).

Those who have received the award since 1919

1919    Not offered
1920    G C Faber, All Souls College
             Gordon Alchin,  Brasenose College
1921    A T  Denning, Magdalen College
             W E Beckett , All Souls College
1923    C J Radcliffe, All Souls College
1924    J G Foster,  All Souls College
             J B Blagden,  All Souls College
1925    Not offered
1926    D S Danreuther, Balliol College
1927    Denis Browne, New College
             T D D Divine, Queen’s College
1928    Not offered
1929    J H A  Sparrow, All Souls College
1930    R O  Wilberforce, New College
              I I Bowen, All Souls College
1931    Not offered
1932    C H S Preston, New College
1933    J H C Morris, Christ Church
1934    Not offered
1935    JE S Fawcett,  New College  
1936    J W R Harris, Brasenose College
1937    T B Smith, Christ Church  
1938    R Blake,       Magdalen College
1946    Not offered
1947    Not offered
1948    JW  Bourne, New College
1949    R A  Blackburn, Magdalen College 
             A R  Barrowclough, New College
             W A N  Wells, Magdalen College
1950    C J  Slade, New College
             D A  Barker,   Queen’s  College
1951    R I  Kidwell, Magdalen College
             F P  Neill, Magdalen College
1952    Dick Taverne, Balliol College
1953    E G  Nugee, Worcester College
1954    No election
1955    H C  Tayler,  Balliol College
1956    J D  Feltham, Magdalen College
1957    T H  Bingham, Balliol College
1958    R K  Bain, Magdalen College
1959    C D R  Rose,  Wadham College
1960    R O  Havery,  Magdalen College
1961    Paul M  Miller, Exeter College
1963    D T A  Davies, Magdalen College
1964    R B  Mawrey, Magdalen College
1965    D W  Keene,  Balliol College
1966    C H  McCall,   Magdalen  College
1967    N A R  Wilson,  Worcester College
1968    P N  Legh-Jones,  New College
1969    T E  Walker,  University College
1970    M C C  Hart,  Magdalen College
             J L  Munby,  Wadham College
1971    B N R  Reynolds,  Worcester College
1972    G J S  Hill,   Exeter College
1973    Sonia R S  Proudman,  Lady Margaret Hall
1974    Stephen  M  Tomlinson, Worcester College
1975    Gabriel S  Mosony, St  Catherine's College [Gabriel Moss]
1976    No election
1977    C E L  Turnbull,  Worcester College
1978    P H  Gross,  Oriel College
1979    M M  Pascoe,  Christ Church
1980    P J  Walker,  Magdalen College
1981    R C  Thomas,  St John’s College
1982    N A  Hamblen, St John’s College
1983    R E  Cox,  Mansfield College
1984    C G  Nugee, Corpus Christi College
             J M A  Dagnall, St John's College
1985    S J  Berry, Exeter College
1986    P J  Sales, Worcester College
1987    Christopher J  Butcher, All Souls College
1988    Laurence A Rabinowitz,Merton College
1989    David A Foxton,  Magdalen College
1990    Sarah Cockerill, St Anne’s College
             David J  Bailey, Mansfield College
1991    Nigel T Eaton, Magdalen College
1992    Toby Landau, Merton College
1993    Adam Tolley, St Anne’s College
1994    Philippa Hopkins, Merton College
1995    Simon Salzedo, Keble College
1996    Andrew Thomas, Balliol College
1997    Martin D Chamberlain, University College
1998    Christopher Lewis, University College
1999    Colin Thomann, Mansfield College
2000    James S Cutress,  Worcester College
2001    Edward Sawyer, Lincoln College
2002    Joanne Clement,  Somerville College
2003    Paul Toms, Brasenose College
2004    David J Murray,  Christ Church
2005    Iain T Steele, Magdalen College
2006    James R McClelland, Merton College
2007    Rupert Allen, Merton College
2008    Paul C Adams, St Catherine’s
2009    T A Qudsi Rasheed, Worcester College
2010    Andrew J Scott, All Souls College
2011    Alistair Mills, Trinity College
2012    Yaaser Vanderman, Keble College
2013    Charlotte Thomas, Lincoln College