The Roger Hood Public Lecture 23 May 2013

Criminology has had a home in Oxford for over fifty years and has thrived under the leadership of Professor Roger Hood since 1973, first as an independent unit within the University and, since 1991 as an integral department of the Faculty of Law. Professor Hood retired in September 2003 and Professor Loader took up the Directorship in 2005, establishing a year later the Annual Roger Hood Public Lecture Series.
This Annual Public Lecture, an important event in the calendar of the Centre for Criminology, honours and celebrates the long and distinguished career of Professor Hood and his particular contribution to Oxford Criminology. Previous speakers included Professor David Garland of New York University, Professor John Braithwaite of the Australian National University and Professor Nils Christie of the University of Oslo, among other distinguished academics.

This year, the lecture took place on Thursday 23 May in the Manor Road Social Sciences Building Lecture Theatre. For the first time, the Series honoured the contribution to Oxford Criminology and Criminal Law of an Oxford academic, Professor Andrew Ashworth.

A podcast of the event is now available.