A Regional Dissemination Workshop, looking at the design and impact of a harmonised policy for renewable electricity in Europe, is taking place at the Faculty of Law on Wednesday 18 September 2013.

The beyond2020 project
With Directive 2009/28/EC, the European Parliament and Council have laid the grounds for the policy framework for renewable energy sources (RES) until 2020. The aim of this proposed action is to look more closely beyond 2020 by designing and evaluating feasible pathways of a harmonized European policy framework for supporting an enhanced exploitation of renewable electricity in particular, and RES in general. Strategic objectives are to contribute to forming of a European vision of a joint future RES policy framework in the mid- to long-term and to provide guidance on improving policy design.
The final outcome is a finely-tailored policy package, offering a concise representation of key out-comes, a detailed comparison of the pros and cons of each policy pathway, and roadmaps for practical implementation. The project is embedded in an intense and interactive dissemination framework consisting of regional and topical workshops, stakeholder consultation and a final conference.

The Regional Dissemination Workshop
The core objective of these regional workshops is to undertake a critical reflection on the draft final results and recommendations of the beyond2020 project. The critical feedback will be incorporated into the final work within this project, aiming to deliver a set of finely-tuned and practical policy recommendations on the way forward for RES. At the Oxford event, a broad set of stakeholders (EU and national RES policy-makers, decision-makers from the private sector, academics, and (RES) industry) will have the opportunity to discuss the RES policy agenda for tomorrow – from both a national / regional and a European perspective. Thus, in addition to attendees from the UK, key stakeholders from neighbouring countries are also invited to attend this regional workshop in order to ensure the regional dissemination character of the event.
This event is well timed (September 2013) to offer the interested audience a forum for a reflection on the European Commission’s RES strategy up to 2030 and other recent topics of interest on the European (RES) energy policy agenda. Furthermore, we would be interested in participants’ views concerning the possible harmonisation of RES policy across the EU in the medium to long term (i.e. beyond 2020).

Location: The Cube lecture theatre, Faculty of Law, St Cross Road, Oxford, United Kingdom
Date: Wednesday, 18 September 2013 (10:30-16:30 BST)

Registration and further information is available at: www.res-policy-beyond2020.eu.