The Oxford Public International Law group is delighted to announce awards to 5 students under the Global Justice Internship Programme. Thanks to the generosity of The Planethood Foundation, the Oxford Law Faculty is able to provide support for students wishing to undertake internships in international law. It is becoming increasingly difficult to commence a career in international law and global justice without first completing internships. The Oxford Global Justice Internship Programme offers students a platform from which to build a career in international law. We are delighted that we are able to support the following successful applicants and provide them with an opportunity to apply their knowledge of international law in practical ways.

Aman recently completed the Bachelor of Civil Law at the University of Oxford, with his studies focussing on international law and human rights. He will undertake a six-month internship with Judges at the ICC.

Yan Xiong, from China, completed the MJur and will undertake a six-month internship at the Office of the Prosecutor at the ICC.


 Shubhangi Bhadada, also from India, graduated from the BCL in 2013 and will undertake an internship at the Association of Defence Council for the ICTY (ADC-ICTY).


 Matilde Gawronski is a DPhil candidate writing a thesis looking at the meaning of the "interests of justice" at the International Criminal Court. Matilde has served on the executive of the Oxford Transitional Justice Research group for the past two years. She will undertake a fourth-month internship with the Ugandan Coalition for the International Criminal Court.

Katie Johnston graduated from Oxford with a BA Jurisprudence (First Class) in 2011 before the completing an LLM (with distinction) at Georgetown University as a Fulbright scholar. She will undertake a fourth-month internship with the EU delegation to the United Nations in New York.