The second issue of the Journal of Antitrust Enforcement (JAE) has now been published in hard copy and is also available online.

 Volume 1, Issue 2, October 2013:

 1.     Adi Ayal ‘The market for bigness: economic power and competition agencies’ duty to curtail it’

 2.     Xiaoye Wang and Adrian Emch ‘Five years of implementation of China's Anti-Monopoly Law—achievements and challenges’

 3.     Edward M. Iacobucci ‘Cartel class actions and immunity programmes’

 4.     Terry Calvani and  Kaethe M. Carl ‘The Competition Act 2002, ten years later: lessons from the Irish experience of prosecuting cartels as criminal offences’

 5.     Damien Geradin ‘Antitrust compliance programmes and optimal antitrust enforcement: a reply to Wouter Wils’

 6.     Yves Botteman and Agapi Patsa ‘Towards a more sustainable use of commitment decisions in Article 102 TFEU cases’

 7.     Paul Gagnon ‘The business model of patent assertion entities in IT: unilateral restraints of competition or business as usual?’

 8.     Daniel A. Crane ‘Judicial review of anticompetitive state action: two models in comparative perspective’

 9.     Malcolm B. Coate ‘The use of natural experiments in merger analysis’

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