On 25 October 2013, Dapo Akande spoke at a United Nations Panel Discussion on "Drones and the Law". The panel discussion was convened on the occasion of the submission of two reports to the United Nations General Assembly on the use of armed drones for targeted killings. The reports were submitted by the UN Special Rapporteur on Extrajudicial, Summary or Arbitrary Executions and the UN Special Rapporteur on the Promotion and Protection of Human Rights while Countering Terrorism. The panel discussion, which was moderated by the United Nations Assistant Secretary General on Human Rights, included the two UN Special Rapporteurs, Dapo, as well as representatives from Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch.

A webcast of the panel discussion is available at http://webtv.un.org/watch/drones-and-the-law-panel-discussion/2769519359001/. Over the summer, Dapo and his graduate student, Lawrence Hill-Cawthorne, worked with the UN Special Rapporteur on Extrajudicial Killings on the preparation of his report. They prepared a background paper on the topic and the Oxford Institute for Ethics, Law and Armed Conflict and the Oxford Martin Programme on Human Rights for Future Generations hosted an expert meeting attended by the two UN Special Rapporteurs and other experts in human rights and international humanitarian law. The report of the Special Rapporteur on Extrajudicial Killings is available at http://www2.ohchr.org/english/bodies/hrcouncil/docs/14session/A.HRC.14.24.Add6.pdf.