Dr Gilles Giacca, Research Fellow and Programme Co-ordinator of the Oxford Martin School Programme on Human Rights for Future Generations contributed to The War Report: 2012 (OUP), which will be launched in Geneva on 10 December 2013. The volume, identifies and discusses all those situations of armed violence that amounted to armed conflicts according to criteria set out under international humanitarian and criminal law. The War Report lists a total of 37 armed conflicts on the territory of 24 states for 2012. The purpose of The War Report is to collect information in the public domain and provide legal analysis for governments, policy makers, the United Nations, academics, NGOs, and journalists. The War Report also identifies conflict-related deaths and injuries for each armed conflict, disaggregating categories whenever the data supports it. The report finds that at least 37 armed conflicts took place in 24 states and territories in 2012, resulting in the direct loss of at least 95,000 lives and many hundreds of thousands of wounded. A significant proportion of casualties resulted from use of indiscriminate weapons in populated areas, and 2012 also saw the pervasive incidence of rape and other acts of sexual violence.