Oxford Pro Bono Publico (OPBP) mobilises graduate law students and Faculty members to provide free, high-quality legal research to pro bono and public interest lawyers around the world. In 2013 OPBP helped prepare submissions on the reform of India’s sexual violence laws and supported Transparency International in drafting new competition laws for Georgia; it received the 2013 LawWorks & Attorney General Award for the Best Pro Bono Contribution by a Team of Students in recognition of its achievements. OPBP is currently preparing to assist the Hungarian Civil Liberties Union with strategic litigation on the selective enforcement of hate-speech laws.

As well as engaging in project work, OPBP provides financial support to Oxford graduate students looking to undertake unpaid or poorly paid internships in public interest law. So far, OPBP grants have enabled around twenty students to work with organisations like Human Rights Watch in Washington D.C., the Centre for Child Law in Pretoria, and the AIRE Centre in London.

In May 2014, OPBP will also be holding its inaugural one-day conference on pro bono and public interest law – an exciting event which will bring together students and practitioners to discuss the challenges facing these areas in the 21st century.

£1.75 from the sale of each Oxford Law hoody will help OPBP continue to expand its important work over the year ahead. Hoodies can be bought direct from the University of Oxford online shop.


Photograph of OPBP people

(l-r): Liora Lazarus (Faculty), Daniel Cashman (Treasurer), Sandra Fredman (Faculty), Sanja Bornman (visiting from the Women's Legal Centre, South Africa), Tamas Szigeti (Deputy Chair), Shreya Atrey (Chair), Kate Mitchell (Deputy Chair), Vrinda Bandhari (Internships)