The Oxford Global Justice Internship Programme is a new programme initiated by the Public International Law Group within the Oxford Law Faculty. The aim of the programme is to provide financial assistance to Oxford law graduates seeking valuable work experience in international law. The programme will provide support to graduate students within the Faculty and recent Oxford law graduates who wish to undertake internships at international courts or tribunals, international organizations or public interest organizations that work on issues of public international law.

This internship programme is generously supported by the Planethood Foundation. A significant part of the funds received from the Foundation will be used to fund work which promotes the aims of international criminal justice and transitional justice. However, applications will be welcomed from candidates interested in working in other areas of international law.

The Oxford Global Justice Internship Programme will provide students with an opportunity to apply their knowledge of international law in practical ways. Students will be given the opportunity to develop their interest in international law and will obtain a valuable platform for further work in the area.
It will be the responsibility of applicants to arrange the internship or other work experience they wish to pursue. The Law Faculty will not arrange such work experience. Applicants can apply to the Oxford Global Justice Internship Programme for support enabling them to undertake work experience lasting at least three months.

The Oxford Global Justice Internship programme is open to current students pursuing a research degree or a taught graduate courses in the Law Faculty (BCL/MJur/MSc/MSt/MPhil/DPhil). It is also open to those who have graduated from Oxford Law Faculty (including the BA programme) in the past two years.
Applicants may be about to complete their graduate degrees in Oxford or, in appropriate cases and after consulting their supervisor, may be seeking to intermit their studies in order to undertake the internship.

Decisions regarding the application will be based on an assessment of both the applicant and the work experience they wish to pursue. Applicants should demonstrate from their qualifications, especially their studies in Oxford, that they have sufficient knowledge of international law to make an effective contribution to the organization they will be working with. Usually, applicants will have taken at least one international law subject in an Oxford taught programme or will have engaged in research in international law as part of their studies in Oxford.

The internship or work experience should be with an international court or tribunal, an international organization or a public interest organization that works with or on international law issues.

Application Process
The application process will open in Hilary Term when a further announcement will be made regarding the process and the deadline.
If you have any inquiries, please contact Jenny Hassan (