The tragic death of a six year old school pupil who fell into a pit latrine and died at his school in Limpopo South Africa comes in the same week as a new court application was filed by the Legal Resources Centre in the Eastern Cape, highlighting the unspeakable condition of the toilet facilities in ‘mud schools’ in the former Transkei. Professor Sandra Fredman worked with Legal Resources Centre in November building the case, and witnessed the atrocious sanitation conditions and spoke to many of the learners who are forced to relieve themselves in the surrounding veld. The case argues that this constitutes a serious breach of the rights to education, personal security and equality. We will keep our readers updated on its progress. Further news on the case can be found in the Sunday Independent; 'Pupils relieve themselves in veld’ http ://www . iol . co . za/news/south-africa/eastern-cape/pupils-relieve-themselves-in-veld-1 . 1637048# . UuYEz7JBtok and http ://www . youtube . com/watch?v=7yjgNjxd1Us