Following on from the publication of their report[linkme], Susan Bright (Oxford) and Lisa Whitehouse (Hull) held an invite only seminar at the beginning of June to encourage the development and exchange of ideas relating to housing possession cases.

Speakers at the seminar gave an insight into their experience of the legal process of housing possession in three separate plenary panels: mortgage, private landlord and social landlord cases and, later on, participants were invited to imagine recommendations for reform and the practical means by which to implement it.

"The way forward seems brighter as there is an appreciation of a common goal"  (Housing Adviser)

As well encouraging discussion between key players within the housing possession process so as to enhance knowledge of their respective roles and how the process might be improved, Professor Bright and Dr Whitehouse intend to build upon the success of this event by involving seminar participants in the design and implementation of a future research project on decision-making in housing possession cases.

Recommendations following this seminar can be seen in ‘Key to change’ in the New Law Journal, 15 August 2014, available online.