Thanks to the generosity of The Planethood Foundation, this year the Oxford Global Justice Internship Programme will provide financial assistance to four Oxford law graduates - Jerome Temme, Callum Musto, Ardevan Yaghoubi  and  Carrie Anne Comer.

Jerome Temme who will be serving an internship during the summer at the ICTY, with the Defence Team of Ratko Mladic in The Hague (NL). He will work on General Mladic's Defence Team for three months, assisting in legal research, drafting motions and court documents or preparing witnesses for trial and cross-examination.

Ratko Mladic is one of the most high-profile suspects tried before the UN's International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia (ICTY) in The Hague. Jerome advises that after the Office of the Prosecution presented its case for 207 hours since 2012, the Defence started to present its case on May 19 of this year and so it is an especially exciting time to be part of the team.

The indictment lists 11 counts of genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes in relation to the siege of Sarajevo and the massacre at Srebrenica. The Defence Counsel rely on interns to cope with the work on trial days which explains the high level of responsibility Jerome will be given. He is grateful that the Global Justice Internship Programme has enabled him to take up this opportunity.

Callum Musto will be serving his internship with the Justice Section of the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime.  He advises that completing an international law internship at Chatham House represents an outstanding opportunity to continue to explore his passion for public international law and to gain practical experience in an environment bringing together international lawyers from within academia, government, non-government and inter-governmental organisations. The Institute’s work particularly focuses on the complex issues in international human rights and humanitarian law arising out of current armed conflicts, and aims to inform policy makers in their efforts to respond to the challenges arising from these situations. He explained that “the opportunity to be involved in research at the cutting edge of international law and to be immersed in an environment bringing together lawyers and policy makers from diverse backgrounds is incredibly exciting, and will be of immense value for my future in PIL. Without the generous support of the Global Justice Programme I would not be able to take advantage of this opportunity."

Ardevan Yaghoubi will undertake an internship at the Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs. His award will support his time at the Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs where he is assisting in the production of Ethics & International Affairs, a leading journal in the field. Based in New York City, the Carnegie Council influences the discussion in the international community of policymakers and academics on timely and difficult issues like foreign intervention, climate change, nuclear nonproliferation, and human rights and the rule of law. Ardevan would like to thank the Law faculty and New College for their support

Carrie Anne Comer will undertake her internship at the International Criminal Court. Since March 2014, she has had the privilege of working at the International Criminal Court as a pro bono Associate Outreach Officer. The Outreach team at the ICC is a critical component for bridging the gap between the communities most affected by cases before the Court and the international judicial proceedings in The Hague.

Currently she is assisting the team in developing a Strategic General Framework for the Outreach programme—a document detailing best practices for engaging local communities, media partners, academics and legal professionals, and providing guidelines for effective new programme operations. With the assistance provided by the Oxford Global Justice Internship Programme, over the next six months she will convert this strategic framework into an operational handbook for new outreach activities at the ICC.