Last Saturday, 18 October, saw the most recent celebration of the hard work and successes of the Eldon Scholars, held at All Souls College, an event which is held only once every 10 years. The Eldon Scholarship has been running for almost 100 years. It is usually awarded to recent graduates, who are about to start either the BPTC or have been called to the Bar. They must also have an excellent academic record.

Amongst the scholars returning to Oxford for the dinner was the recipient of the award in 1959 and a father and son, both of whom were awarded the scholarship - a huge achievement considering the competition for this prestigious scholarship.

The dinner was lively and full of remininsces and memories for everyone who attended. As well as giving the scholars an opportunity to meet, the dinner gives the Faculty the chance to request donations from previous scholars for future scholars. Many of our former scholars have been incredibly generous to the scheme, for which the chairman and committee are extremely grateful. Without their support this historical scholarship would not be able to continue.