Making and Breaking Barriers - assessing the value of mounted police units in the UK

 Research work by Ben Bradford is the subject of a new impact case study, one of a series of impact stories on the Oxford University impact pages and on the new Oxford Law Faculty Public Engagement and Research Impacts webpage, where you can read about just a few examples of the wide-reaching impact of research conducted in the Law Faculty and its Research Centres.

 The mounted policing project Making and Breaking Barriers was set up by Dr Ben Bradford and Dr Chris Giacomantonio, of the Centre for Criminology, with the aim of determining whether or not mounted police could be said to have value for UK public policing. Mounted police are part of our collective consciousness. The Royal Canadian Mounted Police, New York’s ‘10 foot tall cops’ (as the city’s mounted units were once called by a police commissioner) and Britain’s ceremonial units are known the world over. They are imbued with prestige and mystique, and no little fear: witness their role in London’s poll tax riots in March 1990, or at any number of British football matches.

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