On 28 October 2014 Antonios Tzanakopoulos addressed the 25th Meeting of Legal Advisers of UN Member States at the margins of the General Assembly's 6th Committee Plenary meeting. The meetings were organised this year by Mexico. Antonios spoke on the European decisions regarding UN Security Council sanctions and human rights in a panel discussion chaired by Kimberly Prost, the UN Ombudsperson which receives applications for delisting by individuals targeted by Security Council sanctions and makes relevant recommendations to the Council. During the debate, many States, including Greece, Romania, Canada, Finland, and Belgium, took the floor to make comments and statements.


 Antonios during the 25th Legal Advisers Meeting in the Trusteeship Council Chamber





The Trusteeship Council Chamber where the 6th Committee Plenary took place

 Antonios's panel while Greece is addressing the meeting