Prof Sandra Fredman and members of the Oxford Human Rights Hub (Laura Hilly, Meghan Campbell and Shreya Atrey) were delighted to be a part of the ‘Gender, Race and Poverty: Addressing Multiple Identities Through Law’ workshop, from 12th -14th November, 2014 in São Paulo, Brazil.

This international workshop was the results of collaborative efforts between FGV Direito SP, the Oxford Human Rights Hub at the University of Oxford and the University of Witwatersrand, led by Prof Marta Machado (FGV DIREITO SP), Prof Sandra Fredman (University of Oxford), Prof Cathi Albertyn (University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg) and Fernanda Emy Matsuda (FGV DIREITO SP).

The workshop was a watershed moment, being the first time that one this kind, focusing specifically on women's rights, had been held at FGV Direito SP.  It assembled researchers from different parts of the world to share their findings about the role of law in addressing some of the most challenging aspects of discrimination: those involving the intersection between gender, race and poverty. To date there have been few opportunities of getting together researchers in Latin America, Africa, Europe and North America to work together on these issues, despite the fact that the legal challenges and possibilities for reform are similar and closely related.

The three-day workshop was a dynamic interchange of ideas and learning and has created a strong foundation for future collobrative research links.

You can read more about the workshop on the Oxford Human Rights Hub website here.