We heard the sad news today of the death of Bernard Rudden, FBA, Emeritus Professor of Comparative Law. There is a full obituary today in The Times newspaper. Personally, I have fond recollections of Bernard. At Oriel College, where he was law tutor, he gave me tutorials in Comparative Law. As well as acquring an attraction for the smell of fine coffee mixed with the smell of a cheroot as he listened to my essays, he also taught me about the fundamental principles and structures of the common law.

Later, when he became professor at BNC, we were close neighbours on a staircase, and he used to offer invaluable advice about doing the job of a legal scholar, such as, always ask about the wages beforeagreeing to lecture.

He will be fondly remembered by many former students and colleagues at Oxford.

Hugh Collins, FBA

Vinerian Professor of English Law and Acting Dean of the Faculty of Law, University of Oxford