Oxford Criminology will celebrate its 50th anniversary in 2016.

To celebrate this event, we are collating short alumni stories to tell the world what our wonderful students go on to do after they graduate from Oxford. Some will stay in the academy, some will become lawyers, police officers, barristers, and judges, and others will go on to work in policy or campaigning roles, such as in human rights organisations. Some, of course, will do something completely different. We would like to hear from all masters and doctoral students who have graduated since the turn of the millennium and who are willing for us to post brief details about their current and past work since leaving Oxford on our website and in social media, and to use in an e-book of alumni. We would like to have some photographs to accompany these brief ‘post-Oxford biographies'. If you are interested, please provide a maximum of 150 words and feel free to include a photo. Please email your biographies to tracy,kaye@crim.ox.ac.uk.