Mindy Chen-Wishart and Alexander Loke of City University Hong Kong are the editors of a series titled Studies in the Contract Laws of Asia. Volume I on the Remedies for Breach is now in press at OUP and was co-edited with Burton Ong of the National University of Singapore. The workshop for Volume II on Formation and Parties took place in January at the National University of Singapore and is co-edited by Mindy, Alex and Stefan Vogenauer. Twelve countries were represented: China, India, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia and Cambodia.

The volumes include two chapters from each jurisdiction, an introduction and a concluding chapter that provide an overview of convergences, divergences between the jurisdictions and discusses the phenomenon of legal transplant given that the contract laws of all these jurisdictions derive from European common or civil law traditions.

Mindy Chen-Wishart and the contributors at the workshop for the Studies in the Contract Laws of Asia, at NUS