RightsUp, produced by the Oxford Human Rights Hub, has launched episode 2 of its new podcast series, which addresses contemporary human rights issues in an accessible way.

Episode 2 Some Sort of Monster?: The Benefits and Burdens of Human Rights for Business can be streamed here or dowloaded from  iTunesU and the University of Oxford Podcast website.

Is business a threat to human rights? Or an enabler of human rights? Some see business in our world today as a threat  — institutions that undermine workers’ rights and interfere with governments.  Others see business as an enabler of human rights — job creators, innovators and supporters of social mobility.  So, cutting through these differences, what are the real human rights issues that relate to business? Are human rights a business benefit or burden?

The episode features interviews with Professor David Bilchitz from the University of Johannesburg and Karl Laird, Lecturer in Law at St Edmund’s Hall, Oxford.

The episode was written, edited and produced by Kira Allmann, Dr Laura Hilly, Max Harris, and Tom Peach. RightsUp is grateful for the support of the AHRC-TORCH Graduate Fund and Professor Sandy Fredman, as well as all guests who contributed to the episode.

For more information or inquiries, please contact the Oxford Human Rights Hub at oxfordhumanrightshub@law.ox.ac.uk