A one day workshop on '(International) Legal Positivism' was hosted  by Jean d'Aspremont (Manchester), John Gardner (Oxford), Jörg Kammerhofer (Freiburg) & Antonios Tzanakopoulos (Oxford) on 5 June at the Law Faculty, St Cross Building in an attempt to bring the Jurisprudence and PIL Groups together on matters of common concern.

There were papers from Christoph Kletzer of King’s College London; Grant Lamond of the University of Oxford; Jean d’Aspremont of the University of Manchester; and Janne Nijman of the University of Amsterdam and discussions on such matters as: The diverging foundations of legal positivism; Custom as foundation and/or source of law; Interpretation and the variety of interpretive processes; and Subjects of law or agents of (re)cognition?


J. Kammerhofer, G. Lamond, J. d'Aspremont