International Conference: The Future of Latin American Contract Law, Keble College, Oxford

With the aim of evaluating the harmonization of contract law in Latin America, experts from the UK, Europe and Latin America examined the most recent effort on the subject, the Latin American Principles of Contract Law (Principios Latinoamericanos de Derecho de los Contratos - PLDC). The PLDC was analysed from historical and comparative perspectives. The evaluation included their general assessment with regard to other similar academic or institutional initiatives; and also the examination and comparative analysis of the main subjects covered by the Principles, such as the concept of contract, performance, non-performance and remedies.

The Conference was partly funded by the John Fell Fund. This project also intends to provide a platform for further collaboration between the Institute of European and Comparative Law (IECL) and Latin American academic institutions, with the establishment of a permanent network of academic exchange and research in comparative contract law.

The papers presented at the Conference and other collaborations will be published in the series Studies of the Oxford Institute of European and Comparative Law (Hart Publishing)