We are pleased to report that the University of London has established a prestigious scholarship for the MA in Refugee Protection and Forced Migration Studies by distance learning.

These awards, the Guy S. Goodwin-Gill Scholarships are named to celebrate the achievements of our colleague, international refugee law expert Professor Guy S. Goodwin-Gill (pictured above). Guy Goodwin-Gill has been Professor of International Refugee Law at Oxford since 1998, and a Senior Research Fellow of All Souls College until his retirement in October last year. He has also been a close friend and supporter of the Refugee Law Initiative at London University’s School of Advanced Study since its inception, in addition to making regular contributions to the work of Oxford’s Refugee Studies Centre.

Three Guy S. Goodwin-Gill Scholarships will be awarded over the next three years, commencing in October 2015. These scholarships seek to support outstanding students who might not otherwise be able to gain access to the MA in Refugee Protection. Applications from candidates who are nationals of and residing in low- and middle-income countries will be especially welcome, for the scholarship aims to promote the study of refugee protection by outstanding students who are limited by financial circumstances, especially those from and living in low- or middle- income countries.

Professor Goodwin-Gill has supported the Refugee Law Initiative since its inception, and his treatise The Refugee in International Law, now co-authored with Professor Jane McAdam of the University of New South Wales, is a core textbook on the MA in Refugee Protection and Forced Migration Studies. Professor Goodwin-Gill has written extensively on refugee protection and related matters as an academic at All Souls College and member of the Law Faculty, and also has extensive experience as a practitioner, both as a Legal Adviser in the Office of United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) from 1976-1988, and today as a Barrister at Blackstone Chambers, London.