Construction commencement: 1 September 2015

Complete Handover date for Phase A works: 11 December 2015

Beard acknowledges the need for a phased handover for the mobile racking extension area. This area will be ready for handover on the 23 November 2015.

The works for Phase A generally comprise the following:

  • GF toilets in main circulation area. Demolition of existing and installation of new toilet area and lift shaft. (Main lift to be installed in July 2016)
  • Demolition and reconfiguration of GF IECL area into an extension of the mobile racking area including new I.T seminar room. (As noted above this does not include the smaller I.T offices)
  • Demolition of current IECL Offices and single storey extension for a new law library staff entrance
  • Removal and infill of the East stack staircase in the Bodleian Law Library
  • Reconfiguration of 1 and 2 floor Bodleian Law Library and Law Faculty offices to allow the installation of the BLL lift and new offices / teaching space. (Bodleian Law Library Lift to be installed in January 2016)

The Phase A works have been reduced in scope due to time and noise constraints. The following works have now been allocted to Phase B:

  • English Faculty common room (creation of an office)
  • North East Stack Stair removal – ground and 1 floor, Bodleian Law Library
  • Partial completion only of the GF I.T offices in the Bodleian Law Library (due to relocation of the above stack stair case works