Call for papers: Studying Asylum Adjudication from Below: North American and European Perspectives

The call for papers for the 2016 Istanbul World Congress is now officially open!

Through a focus on the practices of everyday life in asylum offices, this panel aims to bring together international perspectives on how to understand and interpret asylum adjudication in liberal, democratic states. It seeks to reflect on questions including but not limited to: How do refugee receiving countries apply international human rights law, control their borders and allocate opportunities for legal status? How do state actors assess credibility; mark and modify legal status? How do they evaluate the authenticity of the asylum narratives? What forces operate on the state actors in their treatment of asylum seekers? What access to justice issues are at stake? What key role do non-state actors play in asylum adjudication? Proposers may submit a paper abstract to a session of interest, or to a specific open panel within that session. The deadline for submissions is 7 October 2015.