Weekly update w/c 2 November 2015

Following the installation of additional acoustic measures, acoustic testing will take place on Wednesday 4 November in the area of the proposed new BLL lift on the Ground Floor. These tests will be scheduled as follows:

10am – Breaking through slab

11am – Disc cutting through the floor (electrical containment)

12pm – Drilling through Beams

1pm –  Additional airborne sounds (talking etc)


Additional notices:

  • Additional cycle hoops have now been installed on the grass in front of the St Cross Building for staff and students to use.
  • Please note that there are six parking spaces assigned to Beard for the duration of the works on site in the rear corner of the Manor Road car park.  Beard will keep these spaces under constant review and if there is scope to reduce the number of spaces used by the contractors for a period then they may be able to do so. We will keep you informed about the availability of these spaces.