Jennifer Payne, Professor of Corporate Finance Law, has been appointed as a member of the Consultative Working Group of the European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA)’s Corporate Finance Standing Committee (CFSC).  ESMA is one of three European Supervisory Authorities established in the wake of the financial crisis, and has a remit to improve the functioning of financial markets in Europe, strengthen investor protection and support cooperation across the EU.

The CFSC advises ESMA on its work on issues related to prospectuses, transparency, corporate governance and takeover bids.  Members of the CFSC's Consultative Working Group (CWG) provide assistance to the CFSC in relation to all aspects of its work.

Jennifer's appointment is for an initial two-year term, and will involve attending meetings at least twice a year at ESMA's Paris headquarters.  The CWG's 18-strong membership is made up of corporate finance law experts from across the EU, and includes financial market participants, investor representatives (both retail and institutional) and academics.