Recently, seven of the Centre for Socio-Legal Studies students made the journey to Lancaster to present at the annual Socio-Legal Studies Association Conference. Lancaster University Law School played host to a fascinating range of presentations and an excellent conference, with plentiful opportunities for taking the pulse of the socio-legal world and getting to know its members.

Owain Johnstone, Anneloes Hoff and Pedro Rubim Borges Fortes co-convened one of the conference streams, entitled Exploring Legal Borderlands.

The stream hosted seven sessions, five with multiple presentations and two consisting of author-meets-reader sessions (for the wonderful authors Luis Eslava and Helen Dancer).

Centre students Fernanda Farina, Stacy Topouzova, Friso Jansen, Ivo Gruev and Ling Zhou delivered fascinating presentations within the Exploring Legal Borderlands stream on topics ranging from medical guidelines to 'consumer professionals' in China.