Who Owns the World? - CSLS Annual Lecture

The Annual Socio-Legal Lecture is one of the highlights in the Centre’s events calendar. We were delighted to host one of the world's leading scholars, Eve Darian Smith, to Oxford to discuss cutting-edge ideas in the field and consider how they might be applied to the social challenges of our time.

Eve is Professor and Chair in Global Studies at the University of California at Santa Barbara and Adjunct Professor at RegNet in the Australian National University. She is a household name in the Law and Society community.

Under the general theme of 'Who Owns the World?', Eve invited the audience to think about global issues that are of profound concern across the globe including the decline in natural resources, the growth of food insecurity, and the mass movements of people fleeing conflict.  She first examined these issues from the perspective of various forms of ownership, and then analysed the consequent interplay of interests and modes of regulation. We were left with challenging ideas about global implications of the local configuration of property rights.